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The Ethiopian Harrar is a single origin coffee that yields a bright and exciting drink. The Ethiopian Harrar is grown at elevations above 5,000 feet in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. This high growing elevation causes a slower growth of the coffee bean which in turn delivers more nutrients and develops a denser bean.

The unique growing process for the Ethiopian Harrar produces a wild and exotic arabica coffee with tasting notes that can be rich and pungent with a heady aroma. Look out for floral-toned acidity and a fruity taste.

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Ethiopian Harrar Coffee: Embark on a flavor adventure with Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans. From the heart of Ethiopia, it offers a bold, full-bodied experience with hints of berries, chocolate, and a touch of spice. The aroma is a rich tapestry of fruity and floral notes, and its robust strength will invigorate your senses. We prioritize fair trade principles to support both our customers and coffee-producing communities for Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans.

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