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The Colombia FTO is a coffee with well-balanced acidity and a rich body. This smooth cup starts off sweet and creamy with notes of tart fruit and finishes with a bittersweet, dark cocoa note.

These coffee beans are sourced from the Red Ecolsierra cooperative located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, one of the highest coastal mountains in the world, with peaks rising up to 18,700 feet.

The Red Ecolsierra is composed of farming families who always reserve a part of their farms for forestry.

This is a certified organic and fair trade coffee.

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Colombian FTO Coffee Beans: Experience the rich traditions of Colombian coffee with our Fair Trade Organic coffee blend. It’s a medium-bodied masterpiece with notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and sweet tangerine. The aroma of this Fair Trade Organic Coffee is a delightful fusion of caramel and citrus, and its balanced strength is a crowd-pleaser, suitable for any time of day. At Morning Dove Coffee, we are dedicated to fair trade and sustainable coffee sourcing.

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